5 Tips to Prepare for your Maternity Photo Session


Maternity photography sessions are a beautiful way to capture the unique and fleeting experience of pregnancy. Document your pregnancy with a professional photographer to celebrate, remember, and cherish the experience of pregnancy in a beautiful and meaningful way!

  1. It’s best to book your maternity photography session for 3 months in advance and to be photographed between 31 and 36 weeks at the height of your pregnancy that accentuates your beautiful bump and curves but not to close to due date.
  2. When we meet together for your Design Consultation we will go over colors, location, wardrobe and your overall look and vision for your maternity photography session. This way you can plan in advance and it takes out the stress of not knowing what to wear so you can be relaxed for the day of your session. Timeless, elegant and romantic dresses that show your beautiful shape and tummy curves of expecting child. Empire waists, flowing tops, maxi dresses are beautiful to showcase blooming belly!
  3. Fun elements to incorporate are gender, baby names, ideas and colors on decorating the nursery. Think of cute baby items such as shoes, handmade blankets or coming home outfit. Family heirlooms that meaningful and tell a story!
  4. Ultrasounds that surprise and show with the family as big announcement.
  5. Kristy Lehman Photography offers luxury experience with professional hair and makeup so you can benefit from the ultimate day of pamper and self care to feel confident and relaxed for your big day!