Fine Art Chicken Portraits


Italian Renaissance and Fine Art Children & Chicken Photography

Colliding the 2 worlds of fine art portraits inspired by the Renaissance Masters and elegant Vanity Fair style with chickens that are seen as rural, rustic farm life. These 2 don’t normally go together but can create an interesting juxtaposition and statement about our culture today!

Classical Trained Photographer and Art History Background

As a photographer I have been classically trained with Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Colorado State University and I have been educated in drawing, painting and 10 art history courses. I even had an art history course that focused on Italian Renaissance and to write a 20 page paper on a single painting Sandro Botticelli the “Birth of Venus”. During this time only the wealthy were able to commission a local painter and the 3 subject matters were (Greek mythology, religious and portraits). Portraits of the aristocrats, kings & queens royalty and high government officials.

So this style of painterly portrait with a girl child and her chicken wouldn’t exist. That’s what makes this image interesting and intriguing because it’s unique and different!

Modern Vibrant Portrait Twist of Teenager with Chicken

It’s important to document the story that is being photographed what is the life stage, interest, passions and personality. This custom photography session is to document this boy turning 13 and to capture his birthday pictures. When asked how he would like to be photographed he wanted his favorite color yellow and favorite pet chicken. Since he is having a big milestone birthday and teenagers prefer a modern hip minimalism look. This modern, clear, natural wood, black steel chair that is Scandinavian inspired was a perfect prop that makes this photography unique and tells a story!

A Desire for Hygge Lifestyle

Today, with all our busy stress modern technology there has been a turn of the pendulum in society to yearn for a slower more intentional way to appreciate the beauty of life. The concept of “hygge” embodies this longing for coziness, contentment, and appreciation of life’s simple pleasures (sunset, laugh of a child, smelling flowers, listening to rain). These ground our senses and provide better mental health and with the trend of Magnolia and Joanna Gaines there has been a revitalizing of hobby farms, gardening, backyard chickens, homesteading and forest school.

Why is there a Popularity in Hobby Farms, Homesteading, Gardening and Backyard Chickens

  1. Desire for Self-Sufficiency: In an era marked by uncertainty, many people are seeking ways to become more self-sufficient and reduce their reliance on external systems. Growing your own food, raising chickens for eggs, and engaging in homesteading activities offer a sense of security and independence.
  2. Health and Sustainability Concerns: There’s a growing awareness of the importance of healthy, sustainable food sources. By gardening or raising chickens, individuals can have more control over the quality of the food they consume, ensuring it’s free from harmful chemicals and additives.
  3. Connection to Nature: In an increasingly urbanized world, there’s a longing for connection to the natural world. Gardening and spending time outdoors provide opportunities to reconnect with nature, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.
  4. Educational Value: Engaging in activities like gardening and homesteading can be highly educational, especially for children. It offers hands-on learning experiences about where food comes from, the importance of environmental stewardship, and practical life skills.
  5. Community Building: Hobby farms and backyard chicken keeping can also foster a sense of community. People often come together to share resources, knowledge, and experiences, building relationships and strengthening social bonds.
  6. Aesthetic Appeal: There’s a certain charm and beauty associated with rural living and rustic aesthetics. The trend popularized by figures like Joanna Gaines has heightened the appeal of farmhouse-style living, encouraging people to incorporate elements of this aesthetic into their own homes and lifestyles.

Overall, the popularity of hobby farms, homesteading, and related activities reflects a broader cultural shift towards simplicity, sustainability, and a desire for a more connected way of life.

Definition of Fine Art Photography

My definition of fine art photography is combing the highest technical and artistic skills together. Technically this would include understanding lighting, focus, camera skills, lens choice, composition, art history, styling, color theory, focus, storytelling, retouching skills, expression and connection.

If you are interested in one of the most trained fine art photographer in Colorado I would be happy to capture heirloom portraits of your children, family and yes…even your chickens!