The Benefits of Children Raising Chickens!


Friendship & Love of a Pet
Our chickens are like dogs to us and our pets and part of our family. There is a trust when you raise baby chicks in your house under a heat lamp and they became cockerels and pullets (teenage chickens) to transitioning outdoors into a chicken coop. There’s no better sound than baby chicks peeping as a sign of Spring on our ranch.

Fine Art Chicken Portraits
Chickens and fine art typically don’t go together, however as fine art portrait photographer and a lover of chickens on a small hobby farm it makes sense.

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs
The benefits of chickens is not only their companionship, but also the daily gift of fresh eggs. As a family on Saturday mornings we enjoy slow mornings with a farmhouse breakfast that includes pancakes, bacons and scrambled eggs with coffee.

Collecting Eggs is a Fun Chore and Teaches Responsibility
A fun daily chore for children is collecting eggs from the chicken coop and making sure their pet has food, water, clean housing.

Creativity and Imagination of Children and their Pet Chicken
Typically a boy’s best friend is his dog, but in our case our son’s best friend is his chicken. Topaz was the sweetest Buff Orpington hen and she would follow him around like a puppy. They would play together for hours and brought joy to each other. I wanted to capture this special bond and the beauty of childhood. This is inspired by how children are so creative and imaginative and a box can be a form of entertainment with your best friend and the possibilities are limitless!

What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg?
Lastly, to answer the age old question what comes first the chicken or the egg???